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If your brand doesn't pay, it will die...

You NEED to become a household name
your name NEEDs to be on every tongue
you NEED to be an influence on your era and beyond.

You NEED to be a Disturbing New Trend, capturing minds, shaking up the status quo, forcing the competition to step their game up.

We don't create successes

We create EMPIRES.
Let's CREATE rather than REACT. Let's innovate rather than trying to copy what everyone else is doing.
There's no room for mediocrity here, we decline clients we feel would be better served by main stream services.

Disturbing New Trend
Guerrilla marketing and digital media

- Creative Consulting - Photography - Graphic design - Video / Video editing (all aspects, from pre - to - post production) - Web design - iPhone apps/Android apps - Online branding, promotion, brand recognition-

Disturbing New Trend media is a group of digital design experts.
Our services span the range of digital media, video production, graphic design, and mobile application development.

Why is Disturbing New Trend a leader in new technologies and cutting edge innovations of existing devices and software?

A true one shop tech resource, with 24 hour customer support and system troubleshooting available, at the best price anywhere. Backed by a revolutionary company culture of customer satisfaction, and personal enhancement, we want to see you grow and achieve success.

Together, we will kick-start your Vision, to create a compelling, unique vision of your business' future. A Strategy Timeline that gives you a detailed action plan of key tasks and milestones . A set of values to keep you and your brand adjusting to new customers. With vision and values in place, you will create a solid foundation on which to let your business flourish. Are you busy trying to run your business? Let us manage your image.

Custom mobile applications are a great way to increase your marketing activities and potentially your revenue streams. Mobile web applications are now one of the most popular ways to market to potential, and existing customers. We can help to reach new audiences in an innovative way to set you apart from your competitors, and increase customer engagement with your business. Disturbing New Trend has the expertise to take your initial idea for an app and develop it to add value to your business. We can manage the launch of your custom mobile application for Apple and Android devices, and provide the support to make sure your mobile application reaches its full potential. Got a great idea?

Your online brand is as important to your business success as your website itself.
As a brand consultant we include website development and online branding. Online, your brand is communicated through your website's entire visitor experience. If your website design does not provide an easy, rich, and friendly experience for your customers, then they will leave. We will help you to become a household name. Do you want lasting power? Then generic wont cut it, you NEED a BRAND.

You seriously haven't called yet?

Disturbing New Trend
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